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Thank you very much indeed for this important remark. We by no means intended to make it offensive. It 8767 s always useful to have someone who can read your text from a new perspective. We 8767 ll correct it. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Hi, I 8767 m writing a sociology research assignment and I 8767 m in need help of a topic. I 8767 m leaning towards how addiction is a genetic disorder or how having an addict for a parent, what influences it has on the children. I 8767 m new to this and I 8767 m not really sure if this is an acceptable topic. Please if you have any advice for me I 8767 d truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

SparkNotes: The Pearl: Themes, Motifs & Symbols

It is very important to elaborate on your evaluation. Don't just write a shopping list of brief (one or two sentence) evaluation points. Instead make sure you expand on your points, remember, quality of evaluation is most important than quantity.

Hidden Meanings in The Shining?

Many students agree that developing a fresh idea for a paper is a troublesome point they often get stuck in, helplessly trying to squeeze any idea out of their imagination.

Like Nick in The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald found this new lifestyle seductive and exciting, and, like Gatsby, he had always idolized the very rich. Now he found himself in an era in which unrestrained materialism set the tone of society, particularly in the large cities of the East. Even so, like Nick, Fitzgerald saw through the glitter of the Jazz Age to the moral emptiness and hypocrisy beneath, and part of him longed for this absent moral center. In many ways, The Great Gatsby represents Fitzgerald&rsquo s attempt to confront his conflicting feelings about the Jazz Age. Like Gatsby, Fitzgerald was driven by his love for a woman who symbolized everything he wanted, even as she led him toward everything he despised.

A simple way to write your reference section is use Google scholar. Just type the name and date of the psychologist in the search box and click on the 'cite' link.

Sociology differs from other social sciences because it relies on statistics, interpretive analysis, and the written word. College students who study sociology usually need to write several academic papers on different sociology topics each semester.

While the word “wisdom” does not specifically occur this particular collection of Langston Hughes s poems, he clearly alludes to its attainment in many places. Hughes shows wisdom being passed down through generations, such as the mother who tells her son to never give up, even when the road is hard. Wisdom is a result of experience, and can inform one s decision to persevere in the face of adversity. Courage can lead to wisdom - there is priceless knowledge to be gained from confronting one s demons. Finding a mode of expression for sorrow - like music or poetry - is a form of wisdom in that a person can learn how to separate him or herself from bad experiences.

Kino is an impoverished native fisherman, but more important is his allegorical role as a man faced with the temptation of wealth beyond his wildest dreams. Because the novella is concerned with Kino&rsquo s moral obligation and not his civic obligation, it concludes with Kino&rsquo s casting the pearl back into the sea, a renunciation of material wealth that indicates he has learned a moral lesson. It is important that the novella does not conclude with Kino&rsquo s arrest or continuing flight from justice, as a realistic novel concerned with civic punishment for ethical transgression might.

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How do we ensure that the solutions we create can be implemented by teachers? Answer: the Curriculum Team. Meet the former educators and practitioners working at Turnitin.

Refer to debates such as nature or nurture, reductionism vs. holism or the perspectives in psychology. For example, would they agree or disagree with a theory or the findings of the study?

"American Beauty" is a comedy because we laugh at the absurdity of the hero's problems. And a tragedy because we can identify with his failure--not the specific details, but the general outline.

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