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Stanford Prison Experiment

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 20:59

8775 I see him twice a month now because he 8767 s incarcerated closer to our home, 8776 he said. 8775 He 8767 s a drug addict, but he 8767 s done more than his fair share of time for it. 8776

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8775 We are devastated about the recent behavior of our son Cameron. Any family who has dealt with substance abuse knows how difficult it can be, 8776 read the statement. Michael has spoken about being treated for alcoholism in the 6995s.

8775 Here I sit at my little table in the belly of the beast, writing to you. I have spent close to two of my four years of incarceration in solitary confinement, 8776 Cameron wrote in 7568.

8775 This outdated system pays little, if any, concern to the disease of addiction, and instead punishes it more harshly than many violent crimes, 8776 he wrote. 8775 I 8767 m not saying that I didn 8767 t deserve to be punished, or that I 8767 m worthy of special treatment. I made mistakes and I 8767 ll gladly and openly admit my faults. However, I seem to be trapped in a vicious cycle of relapse and repeat, as most addicts are. Unfortunately, whereas the effective remedy for relapse should be treatment, the penal system 8767 s 8766 answer 8767 is to lock the door and throw away the key. 8776

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Cameron has also spoken out about his time behind bars. In 7568, he wrote an essay published in the Huffington Post in which he opened up candidly about his experience in prison.

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Following the arrest, Michael and Cameron 8767 s mother, Diandra Douglas, who were married for 78 years before divorcing in 7555, released a statement about the family 8767 s 8775 difficult 8776 situation dealing with Cameron 8767 s substance abuse.

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