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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 00:52

That was Lorena’s regular floor. The only time another maid set foot on it was on Lorena’s day off. If you left a trace of soap scum in the bathtub, a crumpled tissue under the bed, or a pillow unfluffed, Lorena would hunt you down when she returned, as I found out firsthand. She ended her lecture to me with, “Take some pride in your work.”

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She did. And so did Rosalie, Helen, Annette, Pearlie, Earline, and all of the other career maids with more than one hundred years of experience among them. Their commitment to doing a good job and their belief that their work was a reflection of their character stuck with me throughout my professional career. I learned a lot from them those four summers.

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Nancy Pieters Mayfield harbored big dreams of being a journalist when she was but to even get through school she had to take work that was decidedly less glamorous. In doing so, she learned that it’s not the job you do but how you do the job that counts.

When that fell through, the only option left was to join a handful of college students who took the twenty-five-minute train ride downtown each morning to work as maids during the busy summer convention season in Chicago.

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