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The Truly Awe-Inspiring Accomplishments of Martin Luther

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 11:40

What kind of man has sex with a woman who is unable to speak? Then invite not one but two other men to join him in this abuse? One of whom was creeped out and left, the other, his co writer said wonder how Parker would feel if his wife or daughters were treated the same way by someone they trusted?

Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’ Exploits My Sister All

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Afro-Latin@ Nueva York: Maymie De Mena and the Unsung Afro

Stop it?, this movie already stopped itself, check Indiwire and other sites best picture predictions, Birth is not even a contender anymore and it is not 67 years a slave caliber Film to do at least decent at the box office.

There was nothing untrue about the in the move. Whether it was Nat Turners 8767 wife or to many to count other black woman, it happened. Him needing to tell of this mans life or becoming successful deserves applause not an apology.

I apologize that there are gullible simpletons such as yourself that will drink the Kool Aid and throw stones in your own fragile glass houses. I apologize that the lowest common denominators of society are elevated to distract the masses from the real crimes against humanity while the privileged few steal and kill and wreak havoc upon the rest of the world. I apologize that the human race has devolved into a mass of cretins who revel in schadenfreude and backbiting instead of uplifting and educating one another.
I am also very sorry that creatures like you waste life forces that should be given to extend the lives of by giants such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X.

No I was 5 years old. So no there was no maybe about it. There 8767 s no faux outrage, just a lifetime of PTSD and suicide attempts. I can 8767 t even explain the amount of hurt you just caused by saying that to me.

Why is it in America a black man goes through the legal system and is found innocent, the system is wrong? But, the same system finds a white male innocent for killing a black person and it is perfect and everyone is HAPPY as a LARK.

Fun fact: idiots like you are the reason many of us will boycott Parker 8767 s movie, because your arrogance, narcissistic asshole attitudes is what pisses us off even more to keep trashing these so called filmmakers who think they can not only get away with but even profit from it.

Colourism is still subtly practiced in the African diaspora among people of Caribbean, Americas and Uk, even thought it is hardly mentioned. It is like a cancer eating away at the fabric of African decent peoples just as much as overt racism does.

Your hostility and rage, which undoubtedly stem from unresolved emotional trauma 8767 s from your past. Are preventing you from using your gift of intellect from exercising and ascribing towards the highest levels of logic and reasoning.

Du Bois and the Talented Tenth felt threatened by Garvey 8767 s exposure of the touchy reality of light skin privilege. 8775 Garvey is an extraordinary leader of men, 8776  Du Bois admitted in The Crisis at the end of 6975. But it had been a mistake for him to try to bring Caribbean color politics to the United States. 8775 American Negroes recognized no color line in or out of the race, 8776  Du Bois wrote , 8775 and they will in the end punish the man who attempts to establish it. 8776 

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