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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 18:52

The problem is my father wants his saxophone back. He says that the instrument was given as a loan to spark my son’s interest and encourage him to pursue music. Um, what? More.

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MissInternetEarth,In House Rules Kids there is a rule that Don’t write your family member's name and age in comments, but in Discussions you have put write father's name????

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I'm not on here for any kids to text me so u all know now I just love to be called daddy any how it's not letting me delete it to 're post but yea I'm in to grown fine girls in Lawton Oklahoma that will text me

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No it's not insane
Every dad thinks about his daughter
Any guy who says he doesn't is a liar.
Every girl thinks about sex with thier dad.
There are a lucky few who really do it. As much as there are some people who say its wrong.
If you want to and your father wants to enjoy 't feel guilty about it either.

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Q. Re: No loans: With three college-age kids myself, my advice would be to offer her the same amount you&rsquo re paying the other two. That keeps it fair. If she wants to go beyond that, then she&rsquo s footing the bill for her tuition. Also, she may not get in or may visit the university and not like the campus. A lot can change in that junior year, trust me!

I think you are right, this girl does not live with her mother, she only lives with her dad. Also, I think you are right that she has a cool life with him! 

I don't think it is Molly Jane. The tattoos are not the same. Molly Jane has one on her leg and this girl has one just above her pussy. I agree they look similar but are not the same person. Thanks for trying.

my dad started eating me out when I was 9yrs old..we was in the pool swimming I had my favorite bikini on daddy kept telling me how beautiful I was then he asked for a kiss so I did and then he kissed me again sticking his tongue in my mouth so i did it back and then he picked me up and took me to his bed and told me to lay down and he pulled my bikini bottom off and spread my legs and began licking my split and I loved it

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