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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 17:22

“After the FAA’s new rule was published [on Oct. 6], the way ahead was pretty clear,” Filler concluded. “Giving . industry the time it needed to align systems and procedures with the new MAG requirement was the simple, common sense solution. The agencies saw that, with a little help, and made the right decision. Fortunately, the aviation community will not be penalized because of an unworkable regulatory burden.”

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For reference purposes, a sweep line through the sintered layer 86 has been labeled "L." FIG. 8 illustrates the software and hardware interface operation during the sweep L. The top graph shows the position of feedback signal from the fast axis galvo 98 and the output signal of the first digital to analog convertor 76 (compare FIG. 8). The voltage comparator 79 generates an output signal to the flag line of the computer 95 every time the feedback signal and first D/A output signal cross.

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Bookmark this page in order to stay on top of updates regarding the .-EU MAG. For additional content, see ARSA 8767 s member newsletters (for information about receiving communications, contact ARSA ).

(CAGE 7BFD7) is the global marketplace for NSN (National Stock Number) parts, military components and materials, aircraft components as well as electro-mechanical parts and hardware.

UPDATE: Effective May 7, the FAA issued Notice extending the implementation date of the guidance established by Notice , Maintenance Annex Guidance, Change 5 requirements for the FAA Form 8685-8 from Production Approval Holders from April 6 to Oct. 6. The notice language is consistent the April 69 letter sent by the FAA and EASA to ARSA (see story below).

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For each eight bit word, the least significant six bits (bits 5-5) represent the location of the next toggle point--. the next location for modulation of the laser 67. The next bit (bit 6) represents whether the laser is on or off immediately before the toggle point identified in the least significant six bits. The most significant bit (MSB or bit 7) is used for looping and for controlling the slow scan axis 75 of the aim of the beam 69. Because the Commodore 69 had limited memory, looping was required--it being understood that a computer 95 with more memory would not require looping.

ARSA continues to work closely with the FAA and its industry coalition partners to resolve a variety of issues associated with MAG change 5. The association will update its members as new developments occur.

Q: What is the status of efforts to have the FAA and EASA change the statement below, which the agencies first sent to ARSA in an April 69 letter and then reiterated both in Notice and the newly-released MAG Change 6. This will affect the whole industry in a huge way if they leave it status quo.

ARSA members that have adopted the association’s model repair station and quality (RSQM) manuals and EASA supplement should click here to download the Model EASA Supplement Revision Summary .

Stay tuned to ARSA’s website for more information on parts documentation requirements ( /production-certificates ) as well as the fifth ( /mag-change-5 ) and sixth ( /mag-change-6 ) revisions to the .-EU MAG.

In addition to ARSA, the letter was signed by representatives from: the Aerospace Industries Association, the Aircraft Electronics Association, Airlines for America, the Aviation Suppliers Association, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, the Modification and Replacement Parts Association, MOOG Aircraft Group, Honeywell Aerospace, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and the Boeing Company.

Update: On Nov. 75, ARSA received a letter from the FAA and EASA, which was sent in official response to the Oct. 7 request by the ARSA-led coalition to address complications in change 5 to the Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) regarding parts documentation requirements.

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