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Short essay on the meaning of Sweet are the Uses of Adversity

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 22:28

Some differences have been found to exist between female and male gang members. Females involved in gangs are believed to join and leave gangs at an earlier age and at a faster rate than males. Female gang members are also believed to be less involved in serious or violent crimes than male gang members. As a result, this lower rate of serious criminal behavior may not bring female gang members to the attention of law enforcement officials. The FBI states that, x756C law enforcement officials are less likely to

Why Students Should Go to School Essay - 760 Words

The best way to deal with hard times is to hold onto one’s patience and good sense. Endurance and fortitude can make this test of destiny easier to cope with. Anger, disappointment and impulsive actions are often the catalysts for disaster.

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Thanks for sharing this topic. Is this the essay question from your exam? You have answered the question but it is slightly unclear in places. Your first body paragraph fails to mention that you are writing about a growing population. How is the economy affected by the growing population of people? I guess the second body paragraph is also about current effects but you don 8767 t make that clear. Having such a long conclusion is not needed. You might struggle with coherence and cohesion but you should still do fine with other criteria. You have good grammar.

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On this page you can find useful IELTS speaking vocabulary for Education topic, which will help you to speak coherently and fluently. Learn it to answer questions about education and achieve a high score on IELTS Speaking test.

The presence of street gangs is a growing concern in . schools. Various educators and students x7569 urban, suburban, and rural x7569 acknowledge the presence of gangs in their schools. Such gangs are often involved in illegal activities, such as violence, drugs, and weapons trafficking. Gang presence in schools often leads to fear among students who are not affiliated with gangs and may encourage nongang members to join a gang for protection. In schools with significant gang presence, the level of violence is frequently higher than in schools with less gang presence.

That is really superlative vocabulary and it can play an indispensable role in IELTS test. Thanks Liza and i would like to say one thing more, your expressions are really appreciated. All the best. Mazhar Ishfaq

According to Hill, Lui, and Hawkins, those children who stayed in a gang for several years "were the most behaviorally and socially maladjusted," often exhibiting "early signs of violent and externalizing behavior (., aggression, oppositional behavior, and inattentive and hyperactive behaviors)." Children who associated with antisocial peers were more than twice as likely to remain in a gang for more than one year. The National Victim Assistance Academy Textbook reports that gangs are starting to recruit members, sometimes as as seven or eight years old.

Thanks Liz. I accidentally came upon your site and found my essay shared by someone on your blog. I liked your feedback. I have rewritten this essay for the next edition of my book A Wealth of Academic IELTS Essays.

Starbuck, Howell, and Lindquist note that in places where gangs are a fairly recent phenomenon, drug sales and distribution are less likely to be major problems. Gang member involvement in drug sales is most prevalent in areas where gangs emerged between 6986 and 6985, at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic. The gangs that emerged in the 6965s and 6975s in Los Angeles and Chicago were highly organized and entrepreneurial and had control of drug distribution across wide areas x7569 and the violent crime that went with it.

Gangs have a long history in the United States, dating back to the 6855s. As the United States became the "great melting pot" in the nineteenth century when people of diverse ethnicities and religions entered the country, some immigrants joined gangs to help them gain a group identity, defend themselves against other groups, and establish a unified presence. Although people feared street gangs of the nineteenth century, the gangs of today pose a greater threat to public safety than in years past.

One such person whose life has been a lesson in persistent effort to conquer all is Dhirubhai Ambani, who rose from being a petrol pump attendant in Middle East to India’s biggest tycoon and power broker. Reliance industries is one of the most powerful and successful ventures today, an entity that is contributing tremendously to India’s economic growth.

Huff indicates that gang members were much more likely than nonmembers to own guns. In the study communities, more than 95% of gang members stated that their peers had carried concealed weapons, and another 85% admitted that members had taken guns to school. About half of the control-group members had friends who had carried a concealed weapon, whereas one-third acknowledged that friends had taken guns to school.

The 7555 National Gang Threat Assessment also notes the connection between recent immigrant communities and gangs. New immigrant communities are often isolated by language barriers and difficulties in finding employment. Gangs are attractive to many in Hispanic immigrant communities because they provide support and protection. By contrast, Asian communities are less likely than other communities to report criminal activity to law enforcement agencies. As a result, gangs often victimize these communities.

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