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Love marriage vs arranged marriage: Which one is better?

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 21:54

I try to keep you guessing, Sandra. I think it is a mostly serious post but when trying to explain it to others, it sounds a little on the unbelievable and over the top funny side! Thanks for your perspective there have been a lot of successful and not so successful ones also.

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Historically, arranged marriages between kings or clan leaders have been utilized to cement political alliances. In more recent times, Reverend Sun Myung Moon revived this idea, promoting cross-cultural arranged marriages as a way to promote world peace.

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While this post isn’t for everyone, there are probably many of you out there (in or originally from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other parts of Asia and Africa) who will face the prospects of an arranged marriage.

AModern Indian Woman's Struggle with Arranged-Marriage

Critics are also concerned about a person's ability to adapt to another person from a different background, especially if they have spent no time together before their marriage. In cases of international arranged marriages, brides may face cultural and linguistic barriers in their new countries and with their husbands. Husbands are unfamiliar with their new wife's culture, language, food preferences, or religious practices.

A new book, Hitched: The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage by Nandini Krishnan, explores how some well-educated, independent women in India are asking their parents for a little help in the marriage department. Here, Ratna Rathore Tanwar, a 79-year-old television journalist (and current full-time mom to a toddler) living in Oman, explains what it was like to ask her parents to find her a groom, and then decide to marry him on the second date.

I see no one has replied to your post, and that is a horrible condition to be in, So may I ask, have conditions in your marriage gotten worse or better? Or is it the same?

Shim-pua marriage (Taiwanese: sin-pū-á , sim-pū-á ) was a Taiwanese tradition of arranged marriage, where a poor family, burdened by too many children, would sell a daughter to a richer family for labor, and in exchange, the poorer family would be married into the richer family, through the daughter. The girl acted both as an adopted daughter to be married with a male member of the adopted family in the future and as free labor. Shim-pua marriage fell out of practice in the 6975s, due to increased wealth from Taiwan's economic success.

With changing concepts of society, added stress and the changing role of Indian women , marriage in itself has become more of a challenge than ever. It takes effort, time and patience by both partners invested in it to make it work well. As both have a voice and a level of independence, the desire and willingness to function as interdependent entities is crucial in every marriage.

My suggestion: Don 8767 t try to debate on this type issues. Both r good. Soon or later u r going to be a father or mother, so at least u should not give such a problems to ur kids. Love them and put them in good track but don 8767 t expect their life in return. As a parent, u try to renovate your self all the time and try to reach them and try to understand your kinds life style and their thoughts.

When your parents are involved in your dating life, they’ll be there as a backup support system in case you need counseling, unwanted advice or a kick in the rear.

Arranged marriages are essentially fixed or set-up marriages by parents and family of the bride and groom . Practiced throughout the east, arranged marriages can range from formal arrangements by family members of the bride and groom to informal introductions.

Interesting post, Vishnu. Oh yes, I come from the very culture of arranged marriages where the marriage is between families, including extended families. It does have its advantages. The family acts as a support system (in many senses of the word!). I met Sury through a matrimonial ad, we met and decided to get married eight months later. Then we involved our families. So ultimately whether the marriage will work or not depends on a/him and her b/ how much influence the families are able to exert on the bride and groom. In our case, Sury is a bit of a rebel and believes that family shouldn 8767 t interfere in anything that involves the two of us, because we are responsible and we should sort things out, when things turn sour.

Engagement marks the formalization of the marriage match. This happens only after both the parties have agreed that this is the best match possible for their child from all aspects. Depending on the ethnicity and customs of the two families, a date is fixed where the formal announcement of the match and impending wedding is to happen. There might or might not be a formal ring exchange, but usually the date of marriage is fixed on that day. Usually a priest is consulted, and depending on the groom’s and bride’s horoscope a marriage date is set. The two families exchange gifts and sweets.

Some women are more independent than others, and some fear marriage. However, every woman expects to be married, and to depend on her male relatives throughout her life.

Hello, I have a girlfriend who I been with for 9 months now. I love her very much and hope to have a future with her, but there is one problem she has a college master degree and I have a high school degree. Her family wants an arranged marriage for her. Someone whos highly educated with a phd. What should I do ?

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