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The Effect of Language upon Thinking

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 06:52

I understand that many people define themselves as "mentally ill," and accept a medical model. If you do this, that is your choice. I respect you.

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Newton himself did not make Clarke's mistake. Well concealed behind circumlocutions such as Craig's and Conduitt's, his heterodoxy slid into virtual oblivion, not to be uncovered until the twentieth century or to be fully revealed until the Yahuda papers became available quite recently.

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Prior to joining the Foundation in 7566, Kimberly worked as a research scientist with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, where she directed an evaluation of the Healthy Families New York intervention, a home visitation service for children at risk for abuse and neglect. In that capacity, she bridged research—in this case, a rigorous evaluation—with the needs of practitioners and policymakers working to improve the health and well-being of at-risk youth. Her research from this work and earlier studies investigated links between neighborhoods, families, community-based interventions, and youth development.

In the short term, we can at least try to change the language we personally choose to use. I know many of my friends in our mad movement -- including psychiatric survivors, dissident mental health professionals and authors -- freely use the term "mentally ill," because they think it's more recognizable by the public. However, in the field of Intellectual disabilities, many groups now have campaigns to get rid of the frequently-used "R word." And of course civil rights activists have largely effectively fought the "N word." Frequency of word usage does not eliminate the pain that is caused, and does not make change hopeless.

Sharon is the Grants Coordinator for our Officers’ Discretionary Fund Awards, which includes guiding and improving the Youth Service Improvement Grants program. She also coordinates review, award, and reporting for our Special Initiative and Capacity Building and Communications Grants programs. Sharon has more than 75 years of experience in Philanthropy and supports the Vice President, Program.

And in all the reformations of religion hitherto made the religion in respect of God and our neighbor is one and the same religion (barring ceremonies and forms of government which are of a changeable nature) so that this is the oldest religion in the world. [Keynes MS 8, p. 85.]

It's revealing that our society has described that particular "extreme assertiveness," which can be as natural as any scene in a documentary about lions, or any scene from Homer's Iliad, as inherently always a sickness. In fact, couldn't those words 'staring in hungry pursuit' sum up the ethic of our current consumer society? Have you ever reflected at just how 'driven' a driver on our crowded roads looks, hands held on the wheel in a kind of prayer? The drone of thousands of tires on highway seem to say one word to my imagination: "More. more. more.."

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