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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 22:48

Black creative and economic self-determination within the music industry didn’t begin with Chance the Rapper, or Prince, or even Motown. 75 Sep 7567 // 7:55 AM

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Despite odds, the film industry has been constantly growing. The budgets, the scale of operations and the skillsets needed are constantly expanding. And a booming industry needs skilled manpower to sustain that growth. If you have been fascinated by the industry, it can offer many career opportunities for those with solid business skills to take it to the next level.

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This easy-rock dramatization of the 6978 blockbuster match between Billie Jean King and past-his-prime champ Bobby Riggs has its moments but can’t capture the liberating drama of the moment.

Hello Sir,
I would like to know that the producers who invests money in the industry through which channels & sources get their money back & earn the income

Ayyo, this seems to be going off on a tangent!

Bhai log, we don 8767 t specialise in Bollywood, we have not invested in a casting couch (yet).

We can 8767 t help you decide whether you should choose between character roles.

In this interview, Tejaswini shares insights about the Hindi film industry in India and why it is unique. She also has a few suggestions on how Bollywood can tackle some of the challenges it faces today. If you are interested in the business, commercial and operational aspects of the Indian film industry, this is a must read.

I have worked with A R Rahman & Shekhar Kapur in one of their tech start-up as a leading tech position. I was exposed to this media and entertainment domain and kind of liked it. Now I am applying to Anderson UCLA and since Anderson sends good chunk of its batch in Media/Enter industry, I want my this exp to get highlighted in essays and I am in progress of doing so. I was searching for need of business guys in Bollywood and planning to frame my story towards acquiring skills from Hollywood to untangle disoriented Bollywood. I feel like muddled up. I would really appreciate if you could throw some suggestions that can strike out in my essays.

Mihail Sebastian's depiction of the many faces of anti-Semitism in For Two Thousand Years , from workplace jokes to street violence, is breath-taking in its horror.

Tejaswini: The Indian government needs to have a better long-term vision about how it wants to promote filmmaking in the global market. Filmmakers should dub their films into more languages to reach newer audiences, for while much of the world may be used to watching films that don’t feature their people of their own nationality, they do expect to hear their own languages. There should be better subtitling for markets where subtitling is more preferable and the songs definitely need to be subtitled and subtitled better!

i am interested in screenwriting and direction as a career but i have failed in the hands of mba and getting a job mentality,filled in my parents 8767 guide me. i just finished college but my degree would be allotted to me next year as i was feeling sick and failed in the last semester of gujarat university. i live in ahmedabad. i want to put my desire and potential passion in the active mode. please help. thank you.

This article was so informative. I 8767 d like to know if I can get more information on the organisational structure of distributors of relating to marketing perspective would add more meaning.

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The types of careers has been partially listed in the previous response. As an MBA, you 8767 d be involved in the business and operational aspects of movies (very little on the creative side).

You might find this infographic [ edit: link no longer active ] interesting, though it 8767 s more about Hollywood rather than Bollywood.

The websites of the bschools you are targetting should have specific resources on the topic, in the careers section. So check those out.

NYU offers a dual degree MBA-MFA for those interested in producing and financing movies or being associated in a wider range of functions. It could also open up opportunities in the television industry.

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