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The “boy” here is Christopher Terpstra, who grew up between Regina, Toronto and Italy, traveling frequently with his historian father and absorbing the Mediterranean lifestyle. It was a way of life he appreciated, the way Italians ate and shopped, prioritizing fresh, quality ingredients. As as 67 years old, he recalls going alone to the butcher shop in Siena to learn how to prepare cuts and then making them for the family.

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When sports and entertainment marketer Paul Marin got wind of sport memorabilia aficionado Andrew McCall’s collection of never-before-seen NHL photos, he knew the images needed to get out. But just slapping together a book wasn’t enough, they wanted buzz.

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“I’m just trying to find my style as an artist and as a designer,” she admits, saying her style is evolving. And she takes inspiration from everything from nature to dance to crystals.

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Shopify approached staff in the City of Toronto’s Economic Development and Culture (EDC) division to see if they could help. While EDC is part of the City’s bureaucracy, they are there to help businesses navigate internal processes and speed things up for businesses looking to expand in Toronto.

It is addictive in a good way, bypassing standard conventions and presenting your content as it deserves. With over 7 color palettes, custom backgrounds, landing pages, custom header and HTML5 markups, Centric is definitely a smart purchase.

The event included an RVA update from Ed Thomas and a presentation from Melissa, Andrew and our guest speakers &ndash Terry Coombs from HPA , Duncan Leadley from ICS and Grant Laing from Laing Properties. Following the presentations, guests then headed down to PLB/BuiltSmart to view their Show Home and several transportables under construction. From there, guests were shown PLB/BuiltSmart&rsquo s Eastside Heights subdivision. This gave attendees an opportunity to understand the Metrapanel process from the LaminexNZ truck arriving, to cutting and painting of the panel, and then the completion of the house.

“Accounting is very old school, there’s a lot of rules and governance and compliance,” she says, adding that it’s the kind of industry where detail-oriented personalities reign supreme but at the expense of taking risks.

Just don’t expect six different maids to show up – the name is drawn from a combination of servicing “the Six” (Toronto’s new moniker), and also cleaning with the power of six.

“We thought it’d be pretty cool if we had something to actually display and store them in because they just come in a plain cardboard box.” Roach transitions seamlessly from that passing thought to: “We ended up sourcing a manufacturer.”

“(They’re) really invaluable because you’re meeting other people in the same situation as you – these are people that all generally have a creative mind and they share ideas,” he says.

As the fish were being weighed in, John Charteris (one of the event organisers) was also conducting migratory research on some of the fish that were caught. - It was a good way to track a fish through the river from their spawning grounds, to where it was caught.

This is another great community event that Metrapanel is proud to support.

It’s a perfect second home for a rapidly expanding company proud to make Toronto a part of its DNA, says Satish Kanwar, director of product at Shopify.

A product manufacturer and two of its dedicated trained installers will be teaming up at the BuildNZ/DesignEX trade event in Christchurch from August 9-6. Both Laing Properties and Innocatice Ceiling Systems (ICS) have long sung the praises of Metrapanel. read more

The pasta is fresh (not dehydrated), and is carefully extruded through special bronze and brass heads that leave pasta rough and absorbent. Alimentari also offers pasta made with alternative grains like red fife wheat, ancient durum, and buckwheat.

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